What is RoboMQ?

RoboMQ is a Message Queue as Service platform hosted on cloud and also available as an Enterprise hosting option. This Software as a Service platform is an integrated message queue hub, analytics engine, management console, dashboard and monitoring & alerts; all managed and hosted in a secure, reliable and redundant infrastructure.

High level schematic diagram of RoboMQ platform

Key Features

Key features of RoboMQ platform are:

  1. Cloud centric - built for the cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and an heterogeneous environment of SaaS, COTS and enterprise hosted application

  2. Scalable - platform is auto scalable through horizontal scaling and load balancing

  3. Expandable - built on the core strength of message oriented middleware, functions and feature sets can be added without impacting existing application and feature set

  4. Reliable delivery with options for persistant or durable messages

  5. Monitoring, dashboards, analytics and alerts - we keep developing new add-ons based on the expandability of the platform

  6. Multiple choices of protocols for your devices and application - support for MQTT, AMQP, STOMP and HTTP/REST

  7. Support for multiple programming languages - with the support built for standard protocols like MQTT, AMQP, STOMP and HTTP/REST libraries supporting these protocols by default support RoboMQ

  8. Secure connection - RoboMQ has obtained certificate from certificate authority and supports SSL (secure socket layer) connection for all available protocols

Platform components

The key components RoboMQ are:

  1. AMQP based broker cluster with redundancy built-in

  2. Management UI console for real time monitoring, and managing Message Queue hub and user & access control

  3. Analytics and dashboard for the messaging activity

  4. Analytics and visualization platform providing insights based on message content

  5. Alerts and notification based on configurable threshold from message content

RoboMQ platform is an expandable platform that allows addition of business specific application components which feed on the same stream of information, in parallel. RoboMQ comes bundled with few application components like monitoring dashboard for messaging activity, data driven analytics and alerts. Similar applications can be added to expand the platform. For each application component, multiple processes or workers can be added be added to handle increased demand or load.